Grooming Talent

Grooming Talent

Grroming Talent

Grooming Talent:  There are managers and then there are leaders.  These are the folks who are well known for their creations, ability to garner a niche in their field. However, they don’t just build organizations, they also spot, train and grow talent. Depending on the corporate or business structure that you are in, building future leaders isn’t just good for your brand, it is also good for your professional future.  Some super bosses are so good at this that their segment of the corporation eventually holds a great deal of personal finds.  This makes for a strong environment, solid culture and brilliant future for everyone involved.

Super bosses tend to be confident, imaginative and competitive. This unique group has a lot in common when recruiting.  Most of all they go for those out of the box thinkers who are able to push the boundaries of average in their specific realm.

Uncoventional Hiring:  Finding super-acheivers challenge the quid pro quo.  Intelligence, creativity and flexibility are the primary traits to look for in a winner.  Many suggest that, “If you can’t hire someone great, don’t hire anyone at all,” Bill Sanders.  “Great” isn’t black and white.  While it is relatively easy to train someone to perform a bodywrap, it isn’t easy to teach character or work ethic.  So invite the unlikely winners and train them in the skills required to work at you spa.

On the other hand, when one runs by an individual who is at  the top of their game in a modality that you don’t offer, consider bringing them on board and be flexible enough to rearrange your organization slightly.

Adapting the organization to fit the talent and the market is often a must do. Most spas now offer complicated menus of services offered.  Oftentimes the staff doesn’t even understand what some of the treatments are…!  Go with your undeniable strengths and then staff to support them. Cut your services to reflect what you do best and make the most profit from.

Finally, your talent is your machine in so many ways. Their clients are walking billboards for your brand.  And for those practitioners out there…look for the right company.  Don’t ask who is on the bus.  When the time is right, you will know it—just get on the bus!


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