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The trend of buying grooming personal care appliances is highly seasonal. For instance, in North America customers prefer buying it during the first half of December. With the rise in internet and smartphone penetration, more customers are buying grooming products online. With the high penetration of personal care appliances in the North American and European markets — especially hair stylers, dryers, power shavers, and toothbrushes — manufacturers are targeting developing nations like India and China. Many companies have shifted their manufacturing base from the West to the East, especially to China, due to low labor and other manufacturing expenses.

Market Driver: –  Growth in number of beauty salons, home salons, and spas will be a key driver for market growth. The rapid growth in the number of salons and spa service centers means that more people now have the access to these facilities. Beauty salon chains and spa centers now offer a wide variety of services, product options, and prices to attract more consumers. Day spas are one of the most preferred destinations for beauty services. In 2015, the overall sales for all salon industry services (hair, skin, nails), along with sales through salon retail, grew at a rate of 3.2%. In 2014, the sales from the US salon services and salon retail sales grew by 3.1% to reach more than $60 billion. In the same year, there were about 294,000 salons and barbershops in the country selling hair products and appliances.

Market Challenge: – Risk of long-term hair damage will be a challenge for the market. A hair dryer is one of the most common personal care appliances used by both individual consumers and professional stylists to resort to quick drying or to give a particular hairdo. It can be very advantageous as it aids in quick styling. However, it has its side effects. Blow drying not only removes the moisture from hair but also the water that is bound to the hair, called water of hydration. Due to this, the cuticles in the hair become rigid and brittle. The heat can also lead to splitting of hair, along with fraying and breaking, thereby affecting the overall hair quality.

Market trend: – One of the key trends for market growth will be preference for smart personal appliances. Vendors are capitalizing on the trend of consumers switching to technologically advanced products. For instance, the French company Kolibree launched a smart power toothbrush that can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. The toothbrush has 3D motion sensors and was designed with the help of qualified dental professionals. Its handle comes equipped with an accelerometer, magnetometer, and a gyro meter to keep the user informed about the position and orientation of the brush. This ensures that the brush reaches all sections of the mouth to thoroughly clean it. The toothbrush also uses game mechanics to motivate people, especially children, to brush for the right duration.

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