In the recent upheaval of the world in flux, many are checking in to their calming senses and sensibilities as they move toward self care and away from anxiety, fear and anger. Even those among us who have a well-developed yoga, meditation or journaling practice, or a vegan diet with a strong spiritual base and rigorous workout regimen are affected by the rise in anxiety among spa-goers and fellow practitioners.

How does the healer heal oneself? To some large extent by not working.  Massage therapists, in particular, get energetically burnt out as well as physically worn from the repetitive movements and energetic output.  An obvious relief for therapists is to mix up their routine while at the spa.  Mixing services with retail is just one way to give much needed breaks throughout the day.

Other self-care options include getting enough sleep at night.  A hot bath and tea with a good book is a great way to ensure a restful sleep.  Juicing during the day is nutrient rich, easy on the digestive system and quick to digest and nourish. Meditation is easy to engage in at the spa and both relieves stress and refreshes one’s state.  Sipping herbal tea is a quick way to unwind and hydrate. In some spas there are actually IV drip lines that deliver Vitamin B, taurine, carnitine and other helpful supplements. Sharing services at the spa are an immediate win/win both to benefit the business and to benefit the therapist.

No matter what the therapist chooses it is essential that those working in the spa look and feel healthy.  There is no denying beautiful skin, an uplifted mood or an even temperament.  Clients will want, “whatever she is having.”

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