Weightloss and Self Care


If your spa offers weight management or contouring services your management team should be aware of the trending resistance to dieting by women’s groups.  Sometimes viewed as an oppressive and unreachable standard for women, keeping up appearances is still important for professionals.  Not to mention that many women are choosing to feel comfortable in their bodies. Sleeping better, feeling better and gaining physical strength are the top reasons for fitness and weightloss as selected in a recent SPAA polling of spa-going consumers.  Self-care is not selfish.  Tight fitting jeans, little black dresses and gaining the attention of men are on the downhill slope of priorities.

Gloria Steinem, approaching her 80’s is svelte and beautiful but has prioritized her life around a variety of priorities.  Point being, one’s physical appearance is just one of the many aspects of one’s life. Yet, being attractive and caring about personal presentation is not anti-women, but one of the many choices available to women everywhere.  High heels and makeup are also options for expression and not oppression.  Grooming priorities are a woman’s prerogative. The spa is a place of healing, comfort and expression for each individual.  Defining and targeting each spa-goers wellness goals has never been more important or rich.

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